The potential role of pedagocial documentation in Italian early education during the Coronavirus pandemic

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Maja Antonietti
Monica Guerra
Elena Luciano


The practice of pedagogical documentation in the field of early childhood education and care in Italy has a long and significant tradition, starting in 1991 up to the most recent documents. The pandemic emergency and recent lockdowns in Italy are an invitation to focus attention on this theme for two main reasons: the documentation practice is indicated as functional to inclusive processes; the documenting practices of teachers and educators are changing. This paper discusses the results emerging from an explorative study carried out on the experience of distance education during the lockdown in Italy in in the context of 0-6 years early childhood education and care services collecting the opinion of 412 teachers, educators and coordinators through a questionnaire. In particular, the focus of this study will be on documentation practices through a descriptive analysis of closed answers and a content analysis of open questions. This allows to make the resilient beauty 

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